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Woodturners Workholding Solutions  was founded in late 2012 after losing about 3 out of 10 pieces during the tenon removal process and incurring a couple injuries. My thoughts were that there had to be something available that would prevent the loss of time and prevent a possible injury from a piece coming loose on the lathe.

Finally, after receiving a 6" long bloody welt on my side from a donut chuck collapsing, I stopped turning until I could come up with a completely safe method of holding turned pieces when finishing the bottom while between centers.

It was a complete surprise when after 30 minutes, I had  a drawing of a Live Center Steady with wheels attached on each side to hold the form in place. After one year of producing prototypes, research, and input from fellow woodturners that had prototypes for testing. Of those who actually used them, results were positive so it was time to start producing them.

A patent was applied for in early 2013, and on July, 19, 2016, it became an official patent, #9,393,655. During the time  spent on the patent search on the Live Center Steady, it was discovered that the way tenons were removed in my shop, the nose from the live center wasn't necessary so I went back to the drawing board and in less than two weeks 14 Tail Stock Steady's were made and ready to test.

They performed flawlessly, and safely. The cost dropped dramatically and are now affordable for a tool that pretty much guarantees a maximum 99% success rate of completion, all between centers.


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